Grants Overview
How would you like to double your club money with a District Service Grant or triple it with a Global Grant?
There are three types of grants:
  1. Smaller (no lower limit) one-year District Service Grants
  2. Larger ($30K minimum project size) multi-year Global Grants
  3. Packaged Grants (information found on the Rotary International website)
District Service Grants:  All the information (including DSG application) that is needed comes from the District 5190 website.  Pertinent links are included on the links listed to the left of this page.  The DSG is limited to one year (see “Timeline” link) and is available to “Qualified Clubs” (see link).  DSG international projects will require an in-country Rotary host partner and will be limited to those that can reasonably be completed within the Rotary year (see “Timeline” link).    All DSG applications are funded on a first-come-first-served basis for those that meet the Terms and Conditions.  These applications must be filled out on the computer using the Club Runner application that can be accessed by clicking HERE

Any reference to “District Grants” mentioned on the Rotary International website refers to a TRF-to-District grant and has no use when looking for a club-initiated District Service Grant.  Important notes:  When clicking “Submit a Grant Request” button, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.  Online applications can be entered and edited multiple times by the same Primary Contact.  The District match for a single Club DSG is 1:1 up to $2000 maximum.  The maximum District match for a Multi-Club DSG is 1:1.25 up to a maximum of $2500.  The District can match additional club(s) for the same project at a maximum of $2500 each.  There is no limit to the number of clubs (all certified and signed MOU; however, total District matching funds for 2018-19 is $3250, including all projects, District and REGL Scholarships.  The Primary Contact (one who fills out online application) is responsible for completing the application, overseeing the project, and submitting a timely Final Report (including receipts).  Please see 2018-19 D5190 Grants Policies for full details.
Global Grants:  These are larger, multi-year projects that require partners in two countries.  These projects must be sustainable, fit in one or more of the Areas of Focus policies, must have measurable outcomes that meet defined needs identified by the benefitting community.  All applications are on the RI website in the Grant Center and grants may be applied for at any time by qualified Clubs.  Both the District and TRF match Club funds.  The minimum TRF contribution is $15K, making the smallest project (most likely) to be $10K from the club(s), $10K match from D5190, $10K as TRF matches D5190, and $5K TRF as matches club(s) (project total = $35,000).   District 5190’s only decision is whether or not we match the club’s contribution.  TRF makes the final approval of the project and tracks the reporting requirements.  Annual reports are required for the life of the project.
Packaged Grants:  These are new to TRF and are funded totally by World Fund (thus no club money contributed).  Examples are projects where TRF partners with UNESCO and Mercy Ships.  Individual Rotarians or groups can volunteer their technical expertise to any of the projects.  Applicants must be from a qualified club and can apply through the TRF website.
Rotary Manual 1000-EN is the resource for the Global and Packaged Grants (not the DSGs).  

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