Our District created the District 5190 Community Fund (DCF), a 501c3 Foundation, several years ago. It was established to provide financial resources for club and district needs and to support the charitable needs of Clubs that do not have a Foundation of their own.
Recently, the DCF has been very active in supporting people that have been impacted by fires within our District.  This has been possible because of many donations from our Clubs, other Districts and individual Rotarians.  It is great that people and clubs have stepped up to make this possible. Thank You for your support!!
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A brief summary of donations and how they have been spent so far is:
  • Total Donations for Disaster Relief Fires- $134,131
  • Funds spent to date $ 92,916. Projects included gift cards for those who suffered damage to home or business structures; equipment for a lending tool shed for rebuilding.
  • Funds unspent to date $41,215 – with two project commitments so far
Currently, the Funds in the DCF for Disaster Relief are all designated for fire relief and specifically fire relief within our District boundaries as that is how the funds were raised. 
A major need is for undesignated Disaster Relief Funds for future Disasters both in and outside of our District, such as those currently happening in California.  Unfortunately, we will always have disasters that will require support from Rotary.  We live in an area that is prone to wild fires and earthquakes and having funds available to support those impacted will allow us to respond quickly!
There are many other potential uses of the DCF and these include:
  1. Youth Programs and Activities
  2. Educational Programs and Activities
  3. District Conference Educational and Charitable Activities
  4. Disaster Response Initiatives
  5. Other educational and charitable Activities as determined by the DCF Board and aligned with the DCF mission.
For Clubs without a Foundation, fundraiser donations can be made via the DCF to make them tax deductible.  To do this, a club must first complete the Memorandum of Understanding and an Application stating how the funds will be used.  These documents can be found on the District website under Member Resource/District 5190 Community Fund (501c3).  The Administrative Policies are also on this same webpage. 
Donations to the DCF can be made by mailing a check to:
Rotary District 5190 Office
Parasol Building
948 Incline way
Incline Village, NV  89451
The Board of Directors for this Rotary Year are:
Anita Daniels, President
Wyn Spiller, Bookkeeper
Reid Riker, Treasurer
Bill Boon, Secretary
Stacy Graham
Dennis Geare
Jeff Gabriel
For further information on the District Community Fund, you can contact any of these Rotarians.
Bill Boon