Posted on Nov 03, 2017
Trees4Kili is a dynamic active partnership between The Kilimanjaro Project, Trees4Kilimanjaro (Youth With A Mission, Kilimanjaro), and the Rotary Clubs of Kilimanjaro. Additional project partners include The Kilimanjaro Regional Commission (local government) and several other organisations and individuals. This is a community lead project.
Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the most iconic landmarks on the continent of Africa. It is the “crown jewel” of Tanzania, the “Roof of Africa”. It draws crowds from around the world. The agricultural resources, forest resources, recreational values, flora and fauna on the mountain are one of the primary assets of Tanzania. Therefore environmental protection is of utmost importance.

Yet, Mount Kilimanjaro provides us with a graphic picture of rapidly changing climates and environmental degradation. Over the past 50 years we have seen her diminishing glaciers. This is not only due to climate change, but more specifically accredited to rampant deforestation and environmental degradation which has caused critical changes in local weather patterns and rainfall around the mountain, which in turn has affected the livelihood of a million people living in the Kilimanjaro Region.

More than seven million trees are cut down each year in the Kilimanjaro Region alone and while the government is working to mitigate this, we need to act NOW!

We believe we can help reverse the effect of the changing climate and weather patterns on the mountain and revive the once plentiful rainfall by planting more trees. The people of Mount Kilimanjaro are ready to engage and reverse the negative effects brought about by deforestation by actively participating in the Trees4Kili ONE 1 million trees initiative.
We have committed to planting 50 million trees within the next 10 years in the Kilimanjaro Region. To kickstart this initiative we are planting ONE MILLION trees on Earth Day 22nd April. We are engaging local organisations, government, church groups, schools, mosques and individuals to help us in this initiative.
The Kilimanjaro Project will create a rumble from the slopes of Kilimanjaro, joining the global dialogue on climate change and bringing people together in the Kilimanjaro Region to create a more sustainable future. It is about raising awareness, planting trees, creating livelihoods, conserving water, changing attitudes, consuming less, and taking care of our planet.

TUJE PAMOJA - Let us come together. Let us come together to inspire action! let us come together to make change! We are all individually and collectively responsible for the future of our planet.

We believe with Rotary support and the support of our global network we can reach our target!


PETER KONRAD of the Rotary Club of Auburn at
B: 530-886-8550 ext. 102