Posted on Oct 25, 2017
The Northern California Fire Recovery Fund (DAF) account within The Rotary Foundation has been established to streamline the flow of contributions from Rotarians looking to assist fire victims.  The fund will be directed by the account-advisers listed below in consultation with the affected districts.
The account-advisers will work with local Rotary clubs and districts, as well as relief agencies, to address the needs of people in affected areas.  Account-advisers may make grant recommendations for projects providing longer-term support and recovery (e.g. funding for Rotary Foundation Global Grant projects).
The Northern California Fire Recovery Fund Account-Advisors
Ronald Gin, District Governor for District 5150
Douglas McDonald, District Governor for District 5190
Bob Rogers, District Governor for District 5130
Sandra Sava, District Governor for District 5180
Gary Vilhauer, District Governor for District 5160
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can I contribute?  Please CLICK HERE and see the detailed instructions on page 2 of the document.  You may contribute via check, credit card, wire transfer, or stock transfer.  All contributions must go directly to the DAF account and be in U.S. dollars.  Only U.S. tax receipts will be issued.  On all contributions, please be sure to reference The Northern California Fire Recovery Fund, #615.  Misdirected contributions to The Rotary Foundation lock-box (or a Rotary Association foundation) will benefit the Annual Fund—SHARE.
  • What amount of my contribution will actually go to the relief effort?  Nearly 100% of contributions to The Northern California Fire Recovery Fund will be granted to IRS-approved charitable organizations helping to provide relief and recovery.  There is a small fee of 1% which covers the administrative and investment costs.  Additionally, on 1 July of each year, 1% of the fair market value of The Northern California Fire Recovery Fund is contributed to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund to support the programs of the Foundation.
Please note that The Northern California Fire Recovery Fund will make grants to other charitable organizations that may have other costs; however, efforts will be made to provide grants to organizations that directly support the needs of individuals and communities through the Rotary volunteer structure and other aid organizations.  Additional fees may apply depending on the method of your contributions.
  • Will I receive recognition for my contribution?  Contributions to TRF DAF accounts are not eligible for Paul Harris or Major Donor recognition.
  • Where can I learn more about The Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund and how it works?  Please visit for more information.
For assistance, please send a message to or call (847) 866-3100.