Rotary Opens Opportunities –
it’s the Rotary theme that we’ve been hearing about all year. And how true it is.
Rotary opens opportunities for its members to grow friendships, develop leadership skills, connect with businesses in our local areas, and build our communities. Rotary opens opportunities for us to serve our fellow members, our businesses, our communities, and our world in areas of focus that we are most interested in. Rotary opens opportunities for us to support our youth and create a better world for all our tomorrows.
Depending on when you are reading this, we are either about to hold or have just held our very first virtual conference, this year called RALLYE (Rotary Awards, Leadership and Learning Yearly Event) because it is combining our conference (5/1-2) with our leadership learning assembly (5/8). Over 200 Rotarians and guests registered for this unique event – a production of inspiration, appreciation, acknowledgement, celebration, and continuity of leadership. And it was all organized, orchestrated, and implemented by our very own team of 25 District 5190 Rotarians who had to adapt to a new way of thinking, learn a new way of doing, expand our ways of connecting, and ensure that the event was full of fun and lightheartedness. A huge thank you to the RALLYE Committee Team as well as to all who attend or attended our conference.
One thing I’ve realized as a huge AHA. Over and over I hear how our clubs and members have struggled through this COVID-year. Yet amazingly, we have all succeeded. We have not lost any clubs. More than a third of our clubs have grown in members. Thirty clubs submitted the paperwork for RALLYE Awards – a higher percentage of clubs than in any previous year! We exceeded our District goals for giving to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual and to Polio Plus, in part due to the addition of a new program called Polio Plus Society, as well as a new $I Million Bequest Society Campaign. 
So CELEBRATE your resilience and perseverance and adaptability and generosity. Our communities and our world have benefited. And speaking of celebrations, on May 13th, at 5:30 pm, we will hold a Foundation Donor Recognition Event. Although you need to register for this on the district website, the event is free for everyone. Join us to hear from our fellow Rotarians on why they give to the Foundation, and hear Trustee and Past Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, speak about our newest area of focus: the environment. Utilize this opportunity to invite guests who have a passion about the environment and new members who don’t yet understand the power, the potential, and the value of The Rotary Foundation.  
One thing is for sure: I understand the power, the potential, and the value of each and every one of you.
Happy May!
Area 12 welcomed Spring with a Blast! A Snow Blast, that is. Alturas Sunrise played host to 45 skiers from three years old to 70 for their Annual Snow Blast. Held at the local ski park and organized by Willy Hagge, 12 year old Grady Battram showed his skills, earning the coveted Fastest Skier award. Alturas Rotary was excited to see the Modoc Middle School Interact Club back in business. During their first meeting in a very long time they elected officers for the next term. Interact Advisor Elizabeth Cavasso presented club members the Presidential Citation for the year 2019-2020. These students, under the direction of teacher/advisor Keith Weber, work hard to support other students as well as Rotary projects and programs. They attended a Rotary meeting and presided over the meeting in a professional manner.
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Rotary Club of Elko Desert Sunrise
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The Nevada Joint Union High School District has recently been given an 88 acre ranch by decedent, James Phelan, to be used for agricultural, environmental and educational purposes. It is located mid way between the 5 high schools within the high school district and will be use by all of them as well as their feeder schools. An architectural plan is needed for the immediate development of this site. 49er Breakfast Rotary Club of Nevada City is sponsoring a district grant for this purpose. Rotarians will participate in the selection of the architect and his or her plan. It is estimated that the plan will cost between $10,000 and $15,000. This grant must be completed by June 30, 2021 in order to take advantage of 2020/2021 Rotary District 5190 funds. Please consider contributing to this joint grant ASAP if you are able.                       
These are some of the proposed uses for the ranch:
          CTE lab site for Agriculture and related sciences.
          CTE related educational, opportunities for Building and Construction trades, Culinary,                   Manufacturing, Arts, Media and Entertainment.
          Science Lab site for biology.
Ag uses site for supervised agricultural experiences (SAE) to house student-owned livestock.
          Lab site for environmental science.
          Resource and land management site.
          Site for Farm to Fork and Seed to Flower programs.
          Host site for Ag events and fair overflow.
          Site for Buddy events like Farm Days.
Submitted - Linda Hartman - 49er Breakfast Rotary Club of Nevada City


We remain cautiously optimistic that three RYLA sessions (June 13-18, June 20-25 and July 11-16) will take place as scheduled.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Plumas County, CA where our host, Grizzly Creek Ranch, is located.  We will know with certainty on or about April 1 if RYLA will take place.

For now, we urge you to begin the process of identifying participants who would like to attend.  If you registered students last year who would still like to attend, please let us know via one of the two email addresses at the bottom of this page.  We have archived all registration documents from 2020 and can easily transfer them to this year.  And remember, both Juniors and Seniors are eligible to attend.  The registration deadline is May 1.

For “new” participant registration please have students find and complete the “participant registration form” found at our public website under the “participants” heading on the top of page banner.

Once students have registered, confirmations will be sent to both the student and the sponsoring club. 

We will provide another update soon.





Foundation News!
Congratulations to all the clubs that have achieved Rotary Foundation Giving Banners!
Click here to see all the honorees, plus information up the upcoming foundation celebration and updates on district grants.
From: Nevada City
Three years ago, the need for improving equipment at the Filadelfia Hospital and Dental Clinics in Tijuana, Baja Mexico was brought to the attention of the Nevada City 49er Breakfast Rotary Club.  Led by Dr. John Yates, The Luke Medical Foundation, in which some Rotarians are active, had been providing support for Filadelfia for 20 years, enabling indigenous staff to provide services to that marginalized and under-served community. This faith-based facility had been getting by on 50-year-old donated equipment and was in danger of losing licensure if the equipment were not updated. Local health officials did not want to loss this resource. 
Dr. Yates urged Nevada City 49er club’s International Area of Service Committee to recruit Dr. Dan Bibelheimer to apply for a global grant with a triple match for a budget of $200,000. Rotary Club Tijuana Oeste provided support as host club. Rotary clubs and private donors raised over $56,000 which were matched to achieve the budgeted $200,000 grant. The first phase was funded in December 2019 to purchase half the priority surgical equipment.  Even when additional funds were needed to remodel the dental clinic before installation of the Dental x-ray, they found the $6000 in new funds.  The installation was just completed this past February 2021.
The TRF cadre inspections necessary to allow funding of the second phase also took place this February when the inspections were conducted virtually using Zoom. The cadres were very impressed by the modern equipment that has a new electrical panel to integrate the public utility supply with the generator for a stable power supply.  Serendipity! -and, a lot to celebrate.
From: Susanville
Susanville Sunrise Club continues to collect surplus medical supplies from our local hospital and forward them to District 6600’s MESA (Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad) project.  District 6600 is in northwest Ohio.  MESA collaborates with global organizations to provide much needed technology, medical supplies and hope to areas of the world with little of these.
The second-hand surplus in the United States is state of the art equipment for the healing needs of developing countries.  Rotarians, such as the Susan Ville Sunrise Club, have the resources to collect, identify, store and ship millions of dollars of medical supplies and equipment that go from the warehouse in Fostoria, Ohio into a shipping container and then to a port of entry where a local Rotary club handles distribution.  Millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and supplies are sent to Central America, West Africa, and Eastern European countries. This is good for recycling medical equipment, good economically and good medically.
Says Nancy Cameron, International Service Chair, for Susanville Sunrise club:  “This current year we collected and shipped over 500 pounds of supplies and equipment for the Northern Ohio clubs to send on to countries overseas who are in need.”
RALLYE 2021 is here! This virtual event will be full of fellowship and learning. Click here to register. Reminder there are amazing speakers scheduled and LLA (May 8-9) is part of RALLYE (May 1-2). Get all your inspiration and training in one place! Click here to register.
Rotary Youth Exchange
We had seventeen students getting ready for their outbound exchange in the exchange year 2021-2022. In mid-March, Rotary International made the decision to follow the regrettable but appropriate decision to cancel the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program until June 30, 2022. For the second year in a row, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our ability to send and receive high school students into our community school systems.
What complicated the issue should RYE have decided to allow the program to continue would have been finding host families for our inbound students. Finding a host family for our inbounds is always a challenge, but this year would have been extra difficult to find a family that felt safe with students from our partner countries. Also, we have to be sensitive to the fact that many families have suffered financial stress during this past year.
To check out the full article, click here.
Rotary Club of Reno Centennial Sunset
Polio Purple Pinkie Run
It is time again for our annual fundraiser! 2021 marks the comeback of the RCS Polio Purple
Pinkie Run to benefit the Rotary Foundation’s Polio Plus fund, Immunize Nevada, and the RCS
Rotary Foundation. Because of COVID, the run was suspended last year along with so many
other events. This year, we resolved to make the run virtual so no matter where you are in the
world, you can participate!

We have 3 options this year: 1 mile, 5K or 10K walk/run. You will have from May 1st – May 8th
to walk or run your race. To register, go to Once you have registered,
you will receive the instructions on how to participate. Since there is no in-person event, we are
asking each of you to help spread the word and register yourself. Create a team for your Rotary
club and invite friends and family to join!

We have great gift baskets that will be available as a silent auction. You can also check them
out on the website. The auction has already started and ends on May 8 at 5pm. Don't forget to
place your bid!

If you have any questions, reach out to Courtney Pino at
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile