Our district covers over 96,000 square miles of Northeastern California and Northern Nevada, and is home to 60 unique Rotary and Rotaract Clubs. Our clubs focus on community and international service, youth programs and exchanges, leadership development, and fellowship activities. Our members are People of Action with hearts of service. The photos in the carousel above highlight a very small slice of all we do in the communities across the thirteen areas of our District.


October is Community Economic Development Month!

Rotary creates opportunities to help individuals and communities thrive financially and socially.  A single act of good can go a long way.  It can cross oceans and foster opportunities.  As members of Rotary our actions have the power to speak loud and clear.  We are People of Action.
We chose to see the world as it could be, through our commitments around the world and in our own communities.  We provide training and access to well paying jobs as well as micro loans to generate new business in under privileged countries.
World-wide, nearly 800 million people live on less than $1.90 a day.  Rotary members are passionate about providing sustainable solutions to poverty.  Our members and our Rotary Foundation work to strengthen local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities.
Locally, we encourage clubs to support student scholarships for higher learning.  We promote vocational learning and support the many vocations of our members, as well as working with other organizations and business leaders to improve the economic vitality in our communities.
In response to RI President Shekhar Mehta’s initiative, to hold Rotary Days of Service, I encourage clubs to promote hands-on volunteer experiences to strengthen our communities.  It may be prudent to do a Community Assessment first, in order to offer meaningful volunteer opportunities for families and partner organizations to address challenges in your areas.  Make it easy for members in your town to see us as People of Action, and encourage them to take action with us, regardless of their profession or their affiliation with Rotary.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”  Dolly Parton

Anita Daniels

District Governor 2021-22
Rotary International District 5190


Caldor/Dixie/River/Tamarack Fires
District 5190, in conjunction with our respective clubs/partner organizations has established ways for you to contribute to those affected by the many fires occurring within our district. Please download the press release by clicking on the link below. Direct links to donation accounts are contained in the attached press release. Clubs are encouraged to distribute this press release to their local media.
Were you or someone you know impacted by one of the fires? The application for aid is now available. 
Please click on individual story titles to see or leave a comment.
We recently received $5900 from the Rotary Club of Lincoln in District 5180 to benefit victims of the Dixie, Caldor and other fires. The Community Fund fire response fund total is now over $33,000! Gift cards of $500 each are being provided for approved fire victim applicants and are being hand-delivered by Rotarians as one way of helping victims with their immediate needs such as food, gas and clothing.
Thanks to the Rotary Club of China Lake and their charitable foundation for the recent contribution of $3000 to the District 5190 Community Fund to benefit fire victims in our District! What a great show of Rotary support!
We heard that Plumas County radio held two events in Susanville and Chester to raise funds for the Dixie Fire victims. $29,000 is being contributed to our Rotary district community fund to be distributed to those in need! Thanks to Plumas County residents for helping their neighbors in need.

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Rotary Zone 26/27 has compiled a listing of possible sources to aid with on-line fundraising for clubs.

NOTE: These are examples of online platforms clubs can use for various types of events. There are many platforms available, so it is important to do your own research to determine which platform is best for your event. This list is not meant to be comprehensive and is NOT an endorsement for any platform or product. Rather, these are examples of what platforms are available. Some charge for their services and some are free. For the paid services, such as the online event and auction platforms, make sure you examine and compare all services and costs, including subscription costs, user fees, transaction fees, credit card fees, and availability of support. It is up to you to determine whether these events are legal in your area. Submit platforms you have found useful to virtualfundraising@zone2627.org.

As a Rotarian and supporter of Polio Eradication, Rotary’s Number One Priority, you can participate in the Countdown to History as a member of the PolioPlus Society of District 5190. PolioPlus Society members can help Rotary make history by continuing to contribute a minimum of $100.00 per year until the World Health Organization certifies that polio has been fully eradicated because … 

Until the world is polio-free, every child is at risk.

Society members will receive a PolioPlus Society membership pin, certificate and an End Polio Now wristband.

Please click here to download the PolioPlus Commitment Letter. Return completed form to Phil Mahoney at the email listed on the bottom of the Commitment Letter.

Is your club planning an event for World Polio Day? Would you like help in promoting your event? If so, click the button below to go to the End Polio Now Resource Center for support information to help you plan and promote your event.

Eradicating Polio in Afghanistan

Michael K. McGovern, Rotary International PolioPlus Committee Chair

As the sun rose on 1 January 2021, we all worried about what this new year would bring. For those of us who closely follow polio eradication progress, it was an especially worrisome time. 2020 and 2019 had seen an uptick in wild polio virus cases and in circulating vaccine derived cases. Polio vaccinations had had to be suspended for a while in 2020 due to the coronavirus and vaccines for Covid-19 were just starting to receive early use approvals.

The polio news was especially bad in Afghanistan. On the very first day of 2021, a wild polio virus case was reported. In the next week, the national health minister was fired due to hints of corruption on non-polio matters. Before month’s end, the government of Afghanistan ordered the UNICEF polio lead to leave the country relating to a verbal spat that had occurred in the President’s office. Then in March and June there were coordinated attacks on polio workers and their security teams leaving eight families having lost loved ones. The Taliban denied responsibility for the attacks, and it appeared the attacks were tied to elements who supported ISIS or ISIL as they are also known. We also noted that some areas of the country had been subject to over 30 months of a ban on house-to-house polio vaccinations.

While all this was going on other activities were occurring which have been mostly unreported. On January 17th, the Regional Directors of WHO and UNICEF met at the Taliban office in Doha, Qatar to discuss polio vaccinations and covid response in the areas controlled by the Taliban. While house to house polio vaccinations were not agreed to, the seven senior members of Taliban leadership indicated support for other measures to provide vaccination activities. In all areas of the country, health screenings continued unabated which showed no new wild polio cases and no positive identification of polio viruses in the environment. In a zoom call of polio partnership leaders the week of 17 August, Aidan O’Leary, the global WHO polio director, noted that Afghanistan has one of the best programs for polio surveillance in the world and it was not finding polio anywhere.

After the fall of the Afghanistan government in mid-August, the new leadership has agreed to keep on the acting health minister who has been effective in righting the program since February. Taliban leaders have visited the national and regional polio offices and pledged their support for the polio eradication program. On 23 August, a Rotary sponsored roadside vaccination hut provided vaccinations to children under five with local Taliban providing the needed security. For security reasons, I will not share the photos I received but it was good to see the Rotary logo doing good in the world.

Rotary has just 35 members in Afghanistan. They inspire me daily with their courage and perseverance. The polio program has always been politically neutral in every country. Rotary and our partners work with the leaders who are in charge. We now work with new leaders in Afghanistan. Rotary funds WHO and UNICEF. We do not send any funds to the governments nor to groups other than WHO and UNICEF. We monitor the spending they do on our behalf very closely. We have never been closer to eradicating polio in Afghanistan. We will continue to work with the Afghan people and our partners to finish what we began over 35 years ago.

Please click on the links below to learn more about this important milestone in the eradication of Polio