Grants Overview

How would you like to double your club money with a District Grant or nearly triple it with a Global Grant?
There are two types of grants:
  • Smaller (no lower limit) one-year District Grants
  • Larger ($30K minimum project size) multi-year Global Grants
District Grants:  All the information (including the application) is here on the District 5190 website.  Pertinent links are listed to the left of this page.  The District Grants are limited to one year (see “Timeline” link) and are available to qualified Rotary and Rotaract clubs. 

All grant applications are approved and funded to clubs in good standing on a first-come-first-served basis for those that are complete and meet the District and TRF requirements. These applications must be completed using the District Grants Module that can be accessed by clicking HERE.
Important notes:  When clicking “Submit a Grant Request” button, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.  Online applications can be entered and edited multiple times by the same Primary Contact. 
Grant Plan For 2024-25: The District match for a single Club grant is 1:1 up to $2500 maximum; multi-Club grants are matched 1:1.33 up to $3325 maximumEach club participating in a multi-Club project receives the match.
Maximum District matching funds in 2024-25 for all projects are $2500 (single club projects) / $3325 (multi-club projects), plus any Bonus Allocation for which the club is qualified (see below).
Projects may include travel to complete a Community Needs Assessment for a Global Grant and travel to or participation in a Project Fair to find project partners, subject to RI Travel Restrictions. 
Grant applications may be submitted from 1 July to 31 October 2024. If it is determined on or after October 31, 2024 that there are unallocated funds available, the District will notify all Clubs of the availability of funds and that a second round of grant funding may be opened.
The Primary Contact (The Rotarian who fills out online application) is responsible for completing the application, overseeing the project, and submitting a timely Final Report (including receipts).  Please see D5190 Grants Policies, Timeline, Bonus Allocation for full details.
Bonus Allocation: Bonus Allocations are grant funds that are available to clubs based on their Annual Fund contributions in the prior year.
  • Clubs which have achieved Every Rotarian Every Year banner status for 2023-24 may receive Bonus Allocation funds for an approved District Grant, in addition to other District Grant funding.
  • Every Rotarian Every Year banner status is achieved when all active, dues-paying members who joined their current Rotary club prior to the current Rotary year contributes a minimum of $25 to the Annual Fund and the club’s average gift is $100 or more. The District will use The Rotary Foundation Banner Recognition Status Report to determine qualification.
  • Qualified Clubs will be eligible to receive a $750 Bonus for a single club grant or a  bonus of $1000 for a multi-club grant.
  • Clubs may request total District Grant matching funds up to $2500, or $3325 for multi-club projects, PLUS their Bonus Allocation, to be used in any combination of projects, community needs assessment, project fairs or any other approved use.
  • Bonus funds may also be used for a separate district-approved grant project with no club matching funds  - $750 for a single club grant or $1000 for a multi-club grant.
On or after October 31, 2024, any unallocated Bonus funds will be returned to the District Grant pool of available funds. 

Global Grants:  These are larger, multi-year projects that require partners in two countries. These projects must be sustainable, align with one or more of the Areas of Focus, and have measurable outcomes that meet defined needs identified by the benefitting community and reported on the Community Needs Assessment form. All global grant applications are entered in the Grant Center on the RI website. Grants may be applied for at any time by qualified Clubs following required review by the District Rotary Foundation Chair or District Grants Chair. Clubs must be in good standing to receive District matching funds. The District matches Club funds and TRF matches District funds. TRF makes the final approval of the project and tracks the reporting requirements.  Annual reports are required for the life of the project.  
RI Guide to Global Grants - April 2022 is the resource for Global Grants.  

Grants Program Requirements

Club Qualification

Clubs must be qualified to participate in the Grants Program.  
  • Club President and President-Elect must read and sign the Club Memorandum of Understanding and District 5190 Addendum,President and President-Elect must be current with Grant Management Training.
    • For District Club Grants qualification ONLY: if the President Elect has not yet been selected or has not completed GMT, an additional trained member may be substituted for the PE by signing on p5 of the Club Memorandum of Understanding and District 5190 Addendum.
  • Global Grant primary sponsors must also be current with Global Grant Management Training when the grant is opened.
  • Global Grant Management Training is good for three years.
  • For participation in Global Grants, one person from the club must attend the RI Grant Management Seminar or Grant Management Recertification each year.
  • Clubs must maintain their qualification for each year through the life of the grant.
Scan signed MOU and Addendum and return by email to DRFCC Berta Pickett. EMAIL BERTA

Grant Management Training 

Option1 - To qualify for District Grants ONLY:
Attend the Zoom-based District 5190 Grant Management Training Session, 3 hours. These are scheduled regularly on the District website (see calendar). Registration required. 
Option 2 – To qualify for both District Grants and Global Grants:  
  1. Complete the Grant Management Seminar (or Grant Management Recertification) online at There are 9 modules taking about 2 hours 45 minutes. You may start and stop modules as desired.
  2. AND Attend the Zoom-based District 5190 Grant Management Training Session, 3 hours. These are scheduled regularly on the District website (see calendar). Registration required.
Click HERE for Grant Management Seminar

Club in Good Standing Requirements

  • All dues and other financial commitments to Rotary International and District 5190 are current
  • Club is current with IRS tax filings
  • Club is current on all grant reports
  • Club website and social media pages are compliant with RI Branding Guidelines
  • Club has established an Annual Fund goal and recorded it in Rotary Club Central (For Rotaract Clubs when Rotary Club Central is available)




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