The new year flutters in
On a whisper of wind, a sprinkle of rain, and a feathering of snow.
It carries a powerful gift:
One of anticipation, and revival, and hope.
Our hands have been busy
Helping others, defining needs, spreading joy
Wherever we could, as much as we could,
Given the closures and safety concerns.
Yet in our minds
We have still been waiting, waiting for more,
Waiting for openings, waiting for gatherings,
Waiting for the day we can throw our arms around those we love
And dance in the streets and sing in the puddles,
And join in bigger groups and make a bigger difference.
And now the new year is here.
One of the Four Agreements*
Is to always do our best every day, even when our best is different from day to day …
And so we have!
I am so proud of the courage and commitment
Effort and engagement and beautiful hearts of service
That characterize the Clubs of District 5190.
Our communities continue to be blessed by the good works of our Rotarians.      
And now, the new year offers hope of even more.
Rotary opens opportunities
To make transformative changes in our communities, around the world, and in ourselves.
And as we do, we grow, from the inside out.
Welcome, 2021!  Happy New Year everyone!  The JOurneY continues.
“Hope. Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering 'it will be happier'...”
― Alfred Lord Tennyson
*The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
This is an amazing opportunity! Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready for an exclusive event with Rotary International's FIRST female president.
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The Rotary Club of Reno gave a donation of $55,000 was presented last week to the Eddy House for kitchen improvements to continue serving homeless and at-risk youth. The improvements will help teach youth how to cook -- an important life skill -- and distribute meals during the Coronavirus pandemic. Eddy House works with homeless and at-risk youth to develop life and job skills necessary for sustainable independence. Its objective is to end youth homelessness in Northern Nevada.
“Our Rotary Club is very focused on helping challenged youth and making a difference in our community,” said Tom Young, president of the Rotary Club of Reno. “Our entire membership voted to support this project and we’re looking forward to its completion and helping where we can,” he added.
The donation of $55,000 will also create separate dining and distribution areas for “in-house” clients who are participating in services and “street” drop-in youth. This will allow for the safe distribution of meals and reduction of risk of transmitting COVID-19.
“We are over the moon excited about this support from the Rotary Club of Reno,” said Diaz Dixon, CEO of the Eddy House. “This kitchen upgrade will give us the ability to do so much more and decrease the food insecurity issues with our youth experiencing homelessness. We cannot thank Rotary enough for this partnership,” he added.
Eddy House’s main facility is at 888 Willow St. in central Reno and is the only agency serving at-risk and homeless youth aged 18-24.
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Updates from Cap City Passport Club of Carson City
Despite COVID and the partial shut-down we have been able to volunteer and fundraise in our community. In July we collaborated with Nevada’s Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in handing out Farmer’s Market coupons. The coupon book allowed eligible seniors to attend Carson City’s Farmers Market and buy fresh produce.
Zooming forward to October, our next adventure led us to Carson City’s Parks, Recreation and Outdoor spaces Boo-nanza. Our booths were socially distanced as we passed out Halloween candy to over 1100 participants. Local families drove up to our booth and we handed out candy in costumes with masks and gloves on!  It was quite an adventure as people waited in line up to 2 ½ hours to enter Centennial Park’s line to get to the booths. The Christmas decorations afforded us a wide variety of bells to augment our booth’s decorations for next year  {We look forward to improving the Halloween booth and participating next year

November found us undercover in the late afternoon sun “flocking” in Caughlin Ranch! Yes! Flocking is back.  Flocking is a fun event to raise donations where a yard  suddenly and mysteriously is filled with a flock of migrating plastic flamingos. If you are interested in “decorating” a friend’s yard contact Lisa Hollenbeck for prices and details. ( Or click the link for our flyer. Flocking A Friend Order Form  You've Been Flocked

Please note that our sign has our former name...a new one is in progress.
Passing out candy at
Flamingo flocking in Caughlin Ranch
Bats in the Belfry at BOO-nanza
Global Grant Scholarship Candidates Sought
Global Grant Scholarships provide up to $32,000 to offset the cost of graduate study for no less than one and no more than four years of study in a foreign country. The sponsoring club will need to contribute $2000 and be qualified to sponsor a global grant.  The scholar’s area of study, professional goals and previous work or volunteer experience, must strongly align with one of Rotary International’s Seven Areas of Focus”:
  • Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Supporting the Environment
The ideal candidate will “demonstrate a long-term commitment to measurable, sustainable change” and have concrete ideas for advancing in his or her chosen field.  Further, the ideal candidate will possess excellent leadership skills and potential for further growing in leadership and will be familiar with Rotary projects and meetings.  The candidate will have excelled in academics and/or a vocation.  The candidate will present himself professionally and show a commitment to community service.  The candidate will also have realistic well-defined goals, follow The Four-Way Test and be conscientious about meeting deadlines.  A Global Grant Scholar cannot be a Rotarian, spouse or a lineal descendant of a Rotarian or a person employed by a Rotary club, District or Rotary International.  
Applications are due to the District by April 30, 2021.  The District will hold interviews in May. For more information, click here.
RALLYE 2021 is coming! Hopefully it will be in-person and we can have a weekend full of fellowship and learning. Check the website for updated information as the date approaches.
Russell Hampton
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