The first month as your District Governor has been exciting and wonderful.  The clubs that Don and I have visited have been exceptional and vibrant.  Now, it’s “full speed ahead” as we “break waves” on to the next twelve clubs in August.  We’re wishing that IPDG Berta could come along with us on some of these visits.  You never know, we might be able to “hoist her aboard.”
Membership & New Club Development
Our District and our nation have faced a decrease in Rotary membership over this past year.  We need to look at membership differently going forward.  Let’s focus on what will matter most to our members.  Growing Rotary is about adding members and new clubs, but it’s so much more.  We need to identify what members want so their own needs are met in addition to serving our communities and the world.  Let’s grow the relevance and value of Rotary to each of our current members to grow their engagement.
Every Rotarian is part of the Membership committee.  Every Rotarian can invite a friend, colleague, or family member to visit a meeting, project, or event.  We can all share the joy of Rotary as People of Action!
The pandemic has accelerated the rate of change in our clubs and the acceptance of new ideas in how we meet, connect, and serve.  We can take advantage of what we’ve learned, including starting new clubs to meet different needs.
So, what can we do differently?  Re-think our product (club).  Seize the moment!  Step back and review our product.  Is your club growing?  Is it innovative?  Does it have attractive projects?
Think about doing a Club Visioning.  Conduct a Membership survey.  Assess the needs in your community through a Community Assessment at the club or area level.
Are you thinking about having hybrid meetings?  We have a new committee that can help you with that!  They’re called the “Nerd Squad.”  They are a small group of highly talented individuals that are expert in putting together hybrid meetings among other things.  Reach out to either: Richard Forster, Stacy Graham, Randy Rascati, Pat Ward or PDG Ray Ward to find out more.
At a time when the world needs Rotary more than ever, let’s grow our impact by leveraging our connections with other Rotarians, and non-Rotarians, so that we can “Serve….to Change Lives”.  We all remain committed to serving our communities, delivering an engaging, meaningful experience, and being a welcoming and inclusive organization for all.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon.  And in keeping with our theme this year, “All Aboard with Rotary”
“Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors!”
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A New Mural Now Welcomes Visitors to Downtown Carson City
The artwork was recently installed on the Visit Carson City building at the corner of Washington and Carson Streets. Funded in part by the Rotary Club of Carson City, the project is the result of a collaboration between the club, The Carson Tourism Authority, The Carson City Arts and Cultural Commission, and the Kaplan Family Trust.
Club Past President Rachelle Resnick says she is thrilled to see the project come to fruition. “When I became Club President, I knew I wanted to do something with the arts as my project” she said. “I am passionate about the arts and have been involved in the performing arts in Carson City and Minden since I moved here in 2015.  In my year as President, I wanted to support the arts in Carson City and Northern Nevada.  In addition to providing a social benefit to the community, the arts act as an economic generator for the surrounding area.”
The Rotary Club of Carson City donated $2,000 to the project, which was matched by a District grant of $2,000, plus an additional $612. Visit Carson City donated the balance for a total cost of $6,000. “With this mural I have met my goal of contributing to the growing public art movement in Carson City.” Resnick said. “The mural will also help draw people into the visitor’s center to learn more about what our city has to offer.”
Local leaders and Rotarians gathered on Friday, July 16th to dedicate the artwork, with Carson City Mayor Lori Bagwell calling it a “great day for art” in Carson City.
The artist, Abner Rivera was selected by the Carson City Cultural Commission to create the installation. The mural, which took approximately 200 hours to complete, is 10 by 16 feet and is comprised of block letters with area scenery and landmarks depicted within each letter.
The illustrations are painted in varying shades of blue.
“I really wanted to capture the spirit of Carson City, the people and the wildlife” Rivera said, “this is my city, and I’m really proud of it.” The images celebrate the city’s history and culture.
As the primary funder, the club was allowed to design the “R” in Carson City. The illustrations feature Rotary programs such as the student exchange, Polio Plus, and the club’s contributions to the community, including the clock in front of the Nevada Legislature building.
Rivera says he likes to incorporate meaningful words into his work, including his children’s names. “I’ve placed the word “love” in this one but I’m not going to say where. I hope people will look for it and while do that will get a really good look at everything in the mural.
Mural Artist - Abner Rivera
Members of the Rotary Club of Carson City
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile