New Year in Rotary!

Rotarians have overcome many challenges this past year. You’ve met these challenges with determination, fortitude, and true grit!

We’ve come through the storm, and we’ve learned to adapt.

As RI Director Vicki Puliz said recently, “Our clubs have all weathered the storm, but we weathered it in different boats!” As it turns out, there are some things you can only learn in a storm! Look at us now! We’re grossly familiar with Zoom, many of us know how to access Google Classroom, and we’ve even experienced a fantastic and inspiring virtual district conference. Not to mention the incredible training we received online with president-elect/assistant governor training and Leadership Learning Assembly! A big thanks to all the Rotarians that made these events happen! And a Big “Thank You” to our Immediate Past District Governor Berta for her leadership! She has been an inspiration to so many of us!

Now it’s time to move forward. Let’s get “All Aboard with Rotary” and fulfill the Call to Action that RI President Shekhar Mehta so eloquently requested…. that we “Serve to Change Lives”.

Rotary brings out the absolute best in all of us. We are inspired by the work we do that helps others. Each of us should ask ourselves what it is that inspires us. Find those projects that fulfill us and make them a reality. Bring along friends, family, and community to help us achieve success. Share with everyone the joy of Rotary!

In fact, “Each One………Bring One” is another of President Shekhar’s requests. It’s easy to invite guests to Rotary! I challenge every Rotarian to bring at least one guest to a meeting, event or to work on a project. Once, they see what fun we have making a difference in the world, many will want to join with us.

And we have a wonderful tool for success when we look to our four Strategic Priorities.

- Increase our Impact: We need to assess the needs in our communities to increase our impact with quality projects.

- Expand our Reach: Involve community members and other like-minded organizations in your projects. Invite them to partner with you to “change lives”.

- Enhance Participant Engagement: Ask your fellow Rotarians what they want in their club experience. Reach out to those members you haven’t seen in a while.

- Increase our Ability to Adapt: Look for new ways to make the experience better, maybe by new member types, or new flexible meetings times.

It’s beneficial to consider these priorities when planning the year. I wish you all success and joy and look forward to seeing you and getting acquainted in the months to come!

Remember, “Thought is the Wind, Knowledge the Sail, and Mankind the vessel”! - Augustus Hare

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Ukraine Clean Water Project 
The Rotary Club of Reno is looking for clubs who would like to partner on a Global Grant project in Ukraine. The project will provide clean drinking water for the Yaskiv United Territorial Community which includes the villages of Yaski and Troitskoye. The project will drill 2 new wells and repair 6 existing wells. The project cost is $110,000 and will impact the 10,000 people living in this area.
This is a special "Hearts of Europe" Global Grant done in partnership with The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
You club’s donation would be matched 3 times - 100 % by District 5190 using DDF - 100% by TRF (80% from the World Fund and 20% by the Hearts of Europe Fund) - and 100% by USAID.
For additional information or to ask questions please contact the project lead Dave Gallagher at or at 209-985-2888.
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Rotary Youth Exchange


As we prepare for the new Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) year, we are planning on holding a Zoom RYE Recruitment presentation to share ideas on how to find outbound student candidates and host families for our upcoming RYE year. Rotary International canceled the RYE program until June 30, 2022. That means that no students can come in or leave the U.S. until the beginning of the Rotary year 2022-2023. 

What this really means is that we are ramping up to send our students out and bring in the new students from around the world by July of next year. We will take this year to select and give our outbound candidates and our inbound students all the training they need to have a successful exchange. 

Where to find potential outbound candidates? 

Easy answer to this question: anywhere you see high school-aged students (15 to 18-1/2). Do you have or do your friends have kids of this age in the home? How about relatives – grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Neighbors – next door, next door to your friends’ or relatives’ homes. Your local school – the language teachers, PTA, school Booster clubs, or the school administrators. Your local grocery store – do you see a kid with their parent and the age looks right? Just ask if they have ever considered studying abroad during their high school years? Can’t hurt. 

If this seems to be a lot of work, let me just say, we are simply asking for names of students or families who may be interested. If you have someone in mind, we will be happy to send them the information or make that phone call. 

For now, we are calling on all club presidents, youth service chairs/committee members, YEOs and counselors for the next step - recruitment. It’s time to reach out. Please start by registering for our RYE Recruitment Seminar to be held on July 15, 2021. You can contact Chesa Keane at or (775) 691-2700 to register. We will make it easy for you and meet via Zoom. 

Let’s welcome the Rotary Youth Exchange program again with the great opportunity for our community’s students to go out, and welcome a flock of excited inbound students from many countries to enrich our schools and Rotary clubs with their involvement. 

For more information, please contact:
  • Outbound Coordinator - Guy Lease, or 530-307-9765
  • Inbound Coordinator/Host Family Coordinator -  Betty Bennett, or 530-863-6271



Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile