May we be blessed with the love and joy of family and friends during this holiday season, and may we, as Rotarians, continue to find ways to spread goodwill and joy across our communities.
As this year comes to a close, many feel the relief that this year will finally be behind us. 2020: The year of the Pandemic. The year of fear.  The year of divisiveness and isolation.  Or was it? What I see is that most clubs have taken the opportunity for TRANSFORMATION.
TRANSFORMATION is all about changing into something new. This year has definitely offered us opportunities to transform our clubs. We have changed our meeting locations, meeting outside in parks or parking lots during the summer, or via “this thing called Zoom” that most of us had never heard of in December 2019, or even trying hybrid meetings where we offer in person AND virtual meetings These are big changes that will have long-lasting impacts on our clubs and how they meet.
We have changed how we induct new members and honor new Paul Harris Fellows when we are meeting remotely. We have changed how we fundraise, converting crab feeds and barbeques to drive-by pick-up meals, and raffles into online auctions. And we have changed how we interact and connect, sometimes in small zoom groups, sometimes in small gatherings where a few club members reach out into the community to do their “good works.” 
With so many more people unemployed or underemployed these last 6 months, many of you continued to serve the isolated, poor, or otherwise at-risk populations, with food and protective equipment, with warm winter clothing and/or blankets, gloves, socks, and hats, or other necessities. Many have provided help to our first responders – in healthcare, in essential services, in law enforcement, or in our military, delivering snacks and drinks or other items, letting them know how much we appreciate their continuous, self-sacrificing work in order for the rest of us keep going. Many of you have worked to create play-spaces for our schools and communities, or repaired or upgraded community facilities. Thank you all! You truly inspire me! You are taking action and making things happen in spite of the challenges we all face.
I think about how your actions have transformed the lives of others, especially during this difficult year. Now that’s a way to change the world! And we know when we give joy to others, we bring joy back to ourselves.  
JOY to the world!  JOY in our JOurneYs!
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2020 Area 5 Update – Auburn, CA
Despite the fact that we have this Covid 19 situation upon us, our Auburn Rotary clubs have been busy with many different Covid-19 friendly activities to support our Auburn Community.  One of the most common themes between all our clubs is supporting our local food closets, the “Auburn Interfaith Food Closet “and our local “Salvation Army”.  The Rotary Club of Auburn and the Rotary Club of Auburn Gold Country have conducted food drives and have collected over a thousand dollars’ worth of food for the food closets and plan to do more in the beginning of the year.  Auburn Sunset Rotary club volunteered their time for the Auburn Interfaith Food Closet September Food Drive collection, by passing out grocery bags in neighborhoods and collecting them (filled with food) the following weekend and making online cash donation directly to the food closet. 
The Rotary Club of Auburn has launched their Step Up Challenge and raised $5000 for the Gathering Inn (our local homeless shelter).   Auburn Gold Country continues to prepare meals once a month at a local church for the homeless from the Gathering Inn. 
Auburn Gold Country has been making their presence known in the community by participating in a drive by 4thof July parade and passing out candy out at our Halloween Bazaar. 
Lastly, all of our clubs will continue to support our Community through the Holiday Season, such as adopting families for Christmas, bell ringing with the Salvation Army during Christmas, participating in a Turkey Drive for Thanksgiving, and just simply making sure our Auburn community knows our Rotary Clubs are here to help in any way we can. 
Happy Holidays to all from the Rotary Clubs of Auburn Area 5 – Rotary Club of Sierra Passport, Auburn Sunset Rotary, Rotary Club of Auburn Gold Country and Rotary Club of Auburn.
Rotary Club of Auburn – Food Drive
Auburn Sunset President Dave Detmer participating in the Blood Drive.
Members of Rotary Club of Auburn, Step Up Challenge.
Auburn Gold Country President Stacy Graham participating in the Blood Drive.
Gold Country President Stacy at 4th of July Parade and Members of Gold Country at Halloween Bazaar.
Auburn Gold Country passing out candy out at our Halloween Bazaar.
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$$$$ - District Finance Committee Meetings  - $$$$
As with many District meetings and trainings, the District Finance Committee is meeting virtually on Zoom for the foreseeable future.  Finance Committee meetings have always been open to any interested District 5190 Rotarian and will continue to be.  If any Rotarian from a District 5190 club would like to attend a meeting, please email Finance Committee Chair Tom Hardy at at least one day before the meeting so that you can receive the Zoom log-in information.
The next Finance Committee meetings are scheduled for January 8, 2021 at 3:00 PM.  Meetings last for no more than two hours.
The final regular meeting for the Finance Committee is scheduled to be a live meeting held as part of RALLYE 2021, April 30 or May 1, 2021 (the exact meeting time and location will be coordinated with other RALLYE events).
. . .
Area 4 activities
From Polio to Duck Races, Area 4 Rotary Clubs have been busy in the last quarter.
Above: 49er Rotary held a very successful Duck Race in September, with members working and the event streaming on their FaceBook page. They continue work will the Senior Wood project, and will celebrate their 30th Anniversary in the coming months
Grass Valley Rotary held a drive through BBQ dinner, called Trick or Tri tip, on Halloween day as a fundraiser. Lots of folks attended and enjoyed the fabulous BBQ of one of their members, Tom Stanley.
Top: Grass Valley South’s fund raiser for this quarter featured Glow Golf Ball drop…what a sight!!  500 neon golf balls were dropped from a 50 feet in the air, onto the course and the one closest to the pin won the prize of   $1,000.
Bottom: Nevada City Rotary has been busy donating their time to projects like Nevada County’s drive thru flu shot clinic. Also, they were downtown Nevada City promoting World Polio Day, and are busy planning for their Valentine’s Day “Hungry Games” fundraiser.
Penn Valley Rotary held their “Gold for Kids” event in partnership with the Penn Valley Lions club. Not a fancy affair, the golfers raised nearly $6,000 for youth programs in the Penn Valley area. They also held a Plant for Polio event with a local nursery.
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Council on Resolutions Results Announced!
Rotary International’s Council on Resolutions meets online each year. Representatives from all of Rotary’s districts vote on resolutions proposed by clubs, districts, the RI Board of Directors, and the General Council or Conference of RIBI (Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland), as well as urgent enactments proposed by the RI Board. The RI Board will consider all resolutions that the Council adopts. Adopted urgent enactments amend Rotary’s constitutional documents.
Results of this year’s Council on Resolutions have recently been announced. Interested Rotarians can view the proposals and results by logging into their My Rotary account and going to
In addition to the annual Council on Resolutions, every third year the Council on Legislation convenes to consider major proposals that would amend Rotary’s constitution, bylaws or standard club constitution. Rotarians and clubs wishing to propose this type of legislation have until December 30 of this year to submit their proposal in proper format. Please contact me soon for assistance:
PDG Doug McDonald
District Council on Legislation Representative 2020-2023
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Raffle tickets can be reserved online HERE, or by calling Melissa at 775-324-6958 ext. 11.
The winning tickets will be drawn virtually Saturday, December 12th, at 1:00 pm PST. All ticket holders (who provide an email address) will be notified of how to join the virtual event. All proceeds directly benefit the Veterans Guest House and the mission of supporting our veterans and their families in times of medical need!  Good Luck!
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