Have you ever run a 10K, biked a marathon, or taken a long hike? As you approach the end of the trail or the finish line, it is oh-so-tempting to slow down or put on the brakes. It’s a comforting feeling to see your car parked in the parking lot and know you are almost there. The reality is that you aren’t there until you are. So keep your energy flowing to finish this year strong. 2020-2021 will be a year to remember, that’s for sure, and the results coming in across the district are so rewarding to see.
I’d like to acknowledge ALL the clubs who achieved RALLYE Awards, which were based around Rotary’s Core Values of Leadership, Integrity, Diversity, Fellowship, and Service.  Over 50% of our clubs applied and achieved these recognitions. Your core values shine through. Your hearts of service beat strongly.
Congratulations to our Clubs of Excellence: Auburn Gold Country, Nevada City, and Tahoe-Incline, and to our Club of the Year Tahoe-Incline. You really rocked it!
Congratulations to our new 100% Paul Harris Fellow Clubs: Tahoe City and Amador Upcountry. In addition, the following clubs are now 100% Foundation Giving Clubs, averaging $100 or more per member, AND Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY), with each person giving at least $100: Amador Upcountry, Auburn Gold Country, Elko Desert Sunrise, Jackson, Reno Central, Reno South, and South Lake Tahoe. The Fernley Club also achieved the 100% Foundation Giving Award.  Many clubs are close to achieving these levels, and you have until the end of June to get those contributions sent in to the Rotary Foundation!  Every dollar to the Foundation makes a difference and changes lives.
I also want to acknowledge all the clubs who utilized our District Grants to increase the impact and expand the reach of their own dollars in their communities. I can’t name them all here, yet even in these last several weeks, we have clubs taking advantage of our remaining District Designated Funds to help their local areas and residents. Thank you.
I am proud of our district for stepping up to support our colleagues in India in a COVID-19 treatment and relief global grant project that will provide oxygen systems for many who are suffering the devastation of the virus and which will take some of the pressure off of the overburdened hospitals there. We were able to donate $25K of our District Designated Funds towards this heartbreaking situation.
Additionally, I am proud to announce, that in this time of internal divisiveness and worldwide conflict, we are becoming a Global PeaceBuilder District , in support of one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus: Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution.
Thank you to our entire RALLYE Team, led by RALLYE Chair Doug McDonald, for the phenomenal outcome of our virtual RALLYE. It was a full-on choreographed production. In fact, for those who missed it, you can still register, experience, and enjoy it between now and June 30th
To ALL of you in District 5190, thank you for the opportunity and honor to serve this year as your District Governor. In spite of the constraints of the pandemic and the economic difficulties in our communities, you succeeded, you adapted, you survived. While I didn’t get to meet all of you in person during the year, I look forward to those opportunities in the months and years ahead at district events or in visiting clubs to do so. Remember the JOurneY of this year. You showed your strength, which showed me the resilience, determination, and heart of being a Rotarian. It showed me that tough times can truly bring out the best in us.
As we end one year of Rotary and begin a new one, let’s finish strong, then continue with all our pent-up energy to make next year even better. 
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RIC on Resolutions
Rotary International’s Council on Resolutions meets online each year to vote on proposed resolutions submitted by clubs, districts, and the RI Board, and any urgent enactments proposed by the RI Board. Adopted resolutions are then considered by the RI Board or the TRF Trustees. Every district designates a representative to the Council on Resolutions, and every club and district may propose resolutions. 
I have the honor to serve as our District's representative and PDG Gail Ellingwood serves as the alternate. We wish to extend to your club the opportunity to offer Resolutions requesting that the RI Board or the Rotary Foundation Trustees review and consider your proposal to change and improve Rotary's procedures. 
If your club or district is considering proposing a resolution for the Council on Resolutions, please follow the guidelines here.
Rotary Youth Exchange
Rotarians might think of the RYE program as stalled, canceled, ended … but that would not be the case. We are actively working with Rotary volunteers to make sure they are trained and certified for our inbound youth coming in the summer of 2022. Just as our counselors and Youth Exchange Officers (YEO) are going to be working with the outbound students this fall. 
If you understand the broad impact of this program not only on the RYE student that heads off to new country, then you realize the value to the community as well. Listing these benefits might be helpful.
Click here for the list of benefits and the full article, plus find out ways you can help!
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Rotary RAAMs Polio
As we all have been dealing with the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, so have the Race Across America (RAAM) organizers and all the participating RAAM teams around the world.  As you can expect, some of the impacts, were but not limited to, will 2021 RAAM occur at all?; what are the requirements for the teams?; will California allow RAAM to start in Oceanside?; if not in California where else will the race begin?; will other communities across the United States will issue RAAM organizers permits?; the list goes on and on.
Conclusion… 2021 RAAM is going to happen…we are going to race and we are starting from Oceanside, California…yay yay…cheers!!
Link to full article from Kurt Matzler here.
Link to full event info here.
MESA Foundation Program
Susanville Sunrise Club in Northern California continues to collect surplus medical supplies from our local hospital and forward them to District 6600’s MESA (Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad) Hospitals, emergency care facilities and retiring doctors frequently have surplus supplies and equipment to donate, and Rotary District 6600 has information on their web site for volunteering and getting involved with the project.
The MESA foundation is based in Ohio. Medical supplies are shipped from a 23,000 square foot warehouse to countries in South America, West Africa and Eastern Europe.
This current year we collected and shipped over 500 pounds of supplies and equipment for the Northern Ohio clubs to send on to countries overseas who are in need.  Susanville Sunrise Rotary has an account with UPS as a not-for-profit organization, which makes shipping easy and economical.
For further information please contact: 
Nancy Cameron, International Services Chair
Susanville Sunrise Club
Tel. 530.813.0192
District Grants Doing Good in the World
Close to Home
District Grants for 2020-21 are concluded!  37 projects, both single and multi-club, were funded for a total of $104,182.69.  Combining grant and club funds, these projects total $214,306.28 of positive impact in our communities! 
Click here for the full article and images.
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