Port of Call 11 - Leadership Learning Assembly

Port of Call 11 – Toastmasters & Rotary

Before You Start Out On Your Rotary LLA Boat Cruise



When you link to a Learning Center offering, if you are not logged into the Rotary Learning Center, you will be prompted to login and will then be taken to a Rotary Learning Center Catalogue page. The easiest way to find the module you want is to go back to the District 5190 Leadership Learning page and re-click the link for your training program.

Step 1: Login to your 
MyRotary.org account and Rotary Learning Center

Step 2: From District 5190 Leadership Learning page, click (or re-click) the training link you want.


Rotary & Toastmasters


Host:  Jon Greene  - Recorded: May  8, 2021