Leadership Learning Assembly - Port of Call #2

Port of Call 2 – Club Leadership

Before You Start Out On Your Rotary LLA Boat Cruise



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Let's talk about leadership - Interactive dialogue for all Rotarians interested in leadership all Rotary leaders
Interactive Dialogue Webinar Date Recorded: Monday, July 27, 2020
Host: PDG Gail Ellingwood


Club President Basics  - 11 Courses (Learning Center, Duration 4h 45m) 
Looking for ways to help your club succeed? Get advice on planning for your year, creating an engaging club experience, and working with your leadership team to help your club run smoothly.  
Ongoing calls with Presidents throughout the year
Host: DGE Roberta Pickett


Club Secretary Basics - 12 Courses (Learning Center, Duration: 4h 30m)
Learn about your role as club secretary, how to work with club leaders, and how to manage your club’s membership and administrative data. 
Interactive Dialogue Webinar Date Recorded: Saturday, July 25, 2020
Host: Larry Harvey


Club Treasurer Basics - 4 Courses (Learning Center, Duration: 1h 15)
Learn more about your role in managing your club’s finances and ensuring good financial stewardship. Find out what best practices you can apply to track your club’s incoming and outgoing funds and manage your club’s budget.