Port of Call 4 – Public Image

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When you link to a Learning Center offering, if you are not logged into the Rotary Learning Center, you will be prompted to login and will then be taken to a Rotary Learning Center Catalogue page. The easiest way to find the module you want is to go back to the District 5190 Leadership Learning page and re-click the link for your training program.

Step 1: Login to your 
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Step 2: From District 5190 Leadership Learning page, click (or re-click) the training link you want.
Club Public Image Committee Basics  5 courses (Learning Center, Duration 1h 15 m)
Learn about your role, how to tell Rotary’s story to the public, and ways to effectively promote your club’s projects and activities. Learn how to create a public image campaign, promote your club’s activities, and enhance your club’s image in your community.  Understand Rotary's brand, the benefits of a consistent, recognizable brand; and how you can strengthen Rotary by being a brand champion. Explore the importance of Rotary’s public image and your role in not just raising awareness of Rotary but also helping people actually understand who we are as Rotary. 
The Club President and the Rotary Brand  Webinar (Duration 1h)
How do Rotary club leaders help its club and members improve the club's public image and brand? Join this one-hour webinar to discover that "Brand" is part of everything we do and has a direct impact on the success of your club.  Prepared for incoming 2020-2021 Rotary Club Presidents, this module has value for all Club Leaders and Membership committee members. 
Interactive Dialogue Webinar - Date Recorded: May 8, 2021
Hosts: Shauna Ganes & Randy Rascati