Port of Call 5 - Learning Leadership Assembly

Port of Call 5 – Rotary Foundation


Before You Start Out On Your Rotary LLA Boat Cruise


When you link to a Learning Center offering, if you are not logged into the Rotary Learning Center, you will be prompted to login and will then be taken to a Rotary Learning Center Catalogue page. The easiest way to find the module you want is to go back to the District 5190 Leadership Learning page and re-click the link for your training program.

Step 1: Login to your 
MyRotary.org account and Rotary Learning Center

Step 2: From District 5190 Leadership Learning page, click (or re-click) the training link you want.

Club Rotary Foundation Committee Basics 6 courses (Learning Center, Duration 2h 15m)
Learn about your role as a club Rotary Foundation committee member and how to promote and support The Rotary Foundation.  Learn about your responsibilities, how to work with your committee to set and achieve goals. Learn about district resources to help your committee promote The Rotary Foundation, activities funded by Rotary grants, and fundraising tips. Check out the Rotary Club Central resources available to help you manage your goals and service activities.
The Club President and the Rotary Foundation Webinar (Duration, 50m) 
This TRF webinar was designed to prepare Presidents Elect for Far West PETS and has value for all Club Leaders and Foundation Committee Members. During this informative session, we'll provide a quick 15 minute recap on the fundraising portion of Our Rotary Foundation, common acronyms, TRF recognition points and pins, as well as a quick review of District and Global Grants. Additionally, you will go online to review just where and how to retrieve important club TRF reports. 
Accessing Grant Management Training (Duration, 4.22m)
How to access and enroll in Grants Management Training with PDG Wyn Spiller, District Rotary Foundation Chair.
Grant Management Seminar 9 courses (Learning Center, Duration, 2h 45m)
Interested in applying for a district or global grant? In addition to being valuable information for all Rotarians interested in grants, completion of the Grant Management Seminar (all modules) and the District Grant Management webinar (see below) is required for club presidents and club presidents-elect as part of club qualification. Clubs must be qualified in order to apply for district and global grants.  The Grant Management Seminar is also required for the primary sponsor of a global grant.

Upon completion of the Grant Management Seminar, you will be contacted by our District Grants Team so that you can participate in the District Grant Management certification module, a one-hour live webinar.   Please view the Accessing Grant Management Training video (less than 5 minutes) to understand the District process for Grant Management Training.

Setting Foundation Goals (Duration 7.21m)
Learn how to set Foundation Goals in Rotary Club Central with PDG Wyn Spiller, District Rotary Foundation Chair.

The Rotary Foundation - Taking the Lead for Foundation Chairs and Club Leaders

Interactive Dialogue Webinar - Date: Previously Recorded
Host:  PDG Wyn Spiller